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Brian Bent Signature Piece - Limited Edition FH Jersey

Artist, musician, skateboarder, surfer, Hot Rod builder, Pastor… Brian Bent is probably one of the raddest people we’ve ever met. When you meet him, his love for life is instantly palpable, and his passion for the arts is even more apparent. As an Orange County local, when he isn’t painting, Bent spends most of his spare time either behind the wheel of a fast car or with his feet firmly planted on a board of some kind.


When we met him at last year’s Red Bull Day in the Dirt where The Bent Duo played—a band comprised of Brian and his daughter—we knew we had to collaborate with him on something. Bent’s style is second to none and his artistic design dates back over 20 years to when he created much of the style that Southern California surf brand Becker was known for. With a beautiful California day on our hands, we met up with him at his house where he keeps his six cars and had him create a soon-to-be-released limited edition Bent Fasthouse jersey.

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SIZING: Measure chest all the way around placed beneath underarms.
Inches 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 47-50 51-54

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